Autocentre - Mercedes-Benz M-Class 2012mercedes-Benz has declassified its exhibition plans for this year’s motor show in Frankfurt in September. It will be a new generation of car models B and M class. Both news will be presented at the IAA Motor Show (September 13 to 25). Sales will begin in November.
A new model of car B-Class is significantly lower, but the basic shape remained the same.  New model is 4359 mm long, 1786 mm wide and 1557 mm high. With new height value of this model is nearly two inches lower than its predecessor. Height of seats (rear sliding) reduced by 86 mm due to roadway, so seating position is more upright and reportedly comfortable even for higher passengers.

New is the four-cylinder gasoline engine (internal designation M270). Burning fuel, according to automakers based on the direct injection of the third generation, introduced last year at the V6 and V8-engines BlueDIRECT. This technique is the first time getting to B-Class. New four-cylinder engines can be located across and along. New four-cylinder engine with 1.6-liter offers power 90 kW and for model B200 offers 115 kW. Maximum torque is 200, or 250 Nm. More on Continue reading

Autocentre - Citroen C3 PicassoCitroen C3 Picasso when he suddenly brake sharply in speed 110 km / h cleaning company employees in Kent in England, hardly any idea what this will mean for French brand in England. And now for three automakers that market for the island had to rebuild their models on right hand steering.
 Brakes had not been depressed by driver, but his passenger, who did not know about it. Only driver should use built-in brake master cylinder on the bulkhead between the engine compartment and cabin, rebuilt after the British side of management. But passenger remained brake cylinder covered with a soft floor cover, through which it can push a lot and start to brake sharply. More on Continue reading

Autocentre - Citroen 2CV duckLegendary Citroen 2CV – Duck arrives at the biggest event in the world.
In late July, France will take place a meeting of fans of legendary cars from Citroen – 2CV – Duck. Organizers already registered more than 5,300 applications are expected to more than 6,000 cars. This action would make the biggest meeting of the Citroën 2CV fans in the world.

World meeting friends Citroen 2CV – Duck takes place every two years. French territory was held last in 1989. This year, expected arrival of more than 6,000 cars, most, how many fans when Citroen 2CV was abandoned.
Among the biggest attractions at the meeting site near the village 60 ha land near Salbris (in French department of Loir-et-Cher), besides the thousands of different “Ducks” include four pre-war prototypes. During the meeting will be held and exchange of spare parts and competition in disassembly and reassembly of the car Citroën 2CV. More on Continue reading

Autocentre - 2012 Land Rover DiscoveryBritish Land Rover introduced Discovery 4 in specification for 2012. Mainfeatures include efficient diesel engines and a new eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.
Land Rover rejuvenated Discovery 4. This SUV in model year 2012 will offer lower fuel consumption, with engine 3.0 SDV6 also slightly higher performance. A novelty is the eight-speed gearbox ZF 8HP70, which reduces fuel consumption of the car and gradually getting into other models, brands Land Rover and Jaguar. With eight-speed gearbox is standard available “paddles” behind steering wheel of the car. More on

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Subaru Hybrid TourerJapanese automaker Fuji Heavy Industries plans to increase within five years of global car sales by 40 percent to 900,000 cars a year. Announced that the firm, a manufacturer of Subaru automobiles. Increase in car sales should contribute four new models, including the first hybrid car company. More on

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Autocentre – Buy a new Hyundai i40!

Hyundai i40Hyundai i40 is characterized by a sophisticated design and masterful design. It is made for exceptional people who just dreams, but actually take place.

For those who decide to do the conversion, he thinks to himself, and firmly grasp the opportunity. Instinctively feel that technology, excellent handling qualities and operational model of Hyundai i40 correspond exactly to your wishes.

Turn the steering wheel. i40 Park for you. System sensors remeasured in a free parking space and take control while you just regulate speed. More on Continue reading

Autocentre – Audi expands plant in Hungary

Audi R8German carmaker Audi will expand its plant in Hungary in connection therewith, will create 2100 new jobs. Informed the agency Reuters.
According to Audi boss Rupert Stadler automaker plans to transform its Hungarian company in the fourth full-fledged facilities in Europe. More on

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Audi TT Hungary PolicePeople who will go on holiday through Hungary or to him, he must give attention to compliance. For them there is a breach of 1 July much higher rates of fines than ever before. For driving under influence of alcohol and speeding Hungarian police can impose a fine of up to 300,000 forints (1,200 euros).

If you do not have a seatbelt, you risk a fine of 15 to 40 thousand forints (60 to 170 EUR). In case of foreign motorists, they can even detain a motor vehicle up until driver paid a fine. It often happened is that foreign drivers awarded a penalty not paid at all. More on Continue reading

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